• Make patterns...that need *absolutely no fitting at all*! -T
  • This will revolutionize the business as I see it. -T.
  • Valentina...helped us to start [our business] earlier than we planned. -U
  • ✂ It saves so many hours of work. -T ✂
  • You can...make adjustments but keep everything bespoke. -T
  • It's no big deal to redraw a few things. -T>
  • I thank any and every person involved in this program! -T
  • ✂ I'm thrilled by this project. -R ✂
  • It's like sewing+trigonometry there's literally nothing better! -C
  • It's better for me in the way I create. -O
  • ✂ Mind blown! -T ✂
  • It's a fantastic tool for the way I create and think! -O
  • I've been needing it for years. -J
  • ✂ I love it. -W ✂
  • I came across Valentina and absolutely love it! -O
  • Truely unique and special, and extremely powerful. -T
  • ✂ Keep up the great work. -P ✂
  • It's been such a huge time saver for me! -B
  • Thanks for creating this beautiful program. -T
  • ✂ It is a truly amazing effort. -C✂
  • I absolutely love Valentina! -P
  • Thank you to the creator of this software. -O
  • ✂I really love it! -M ✂

Expert pattern making tool

Easily create reliable and complex patterns

Standard Compliance

Formats and process compliant with fashion industry standards

International Product

Team: Ukraine, Europe, Asia, US


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